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You Too Can Prevent Swine Flu

Majority of the readers in any search engine are looking of anything under the sun. They are looking about animation, love, pornography, showbiz, politics, cartoons, masquerade, games, cards, download materials, travel and leisure, heartache, etc. They are more familiar of the mentioned topics, but are they aware of the recent pandemics that outbreaks the world? What? The pandemics! What? The Swine Flu! Swine or pigs, then Flu means respiratory infections.

So, a simple man will ask: “Am I interested with the Swine Flu outbreak? There’s no flu-like in my community, even I, doesn’t have a swine flu, we don’t have pigs in our community, why should we afraid of the swine flu? Why should I know about that? Should I know to prevent the swine flu?”

The answer is: “Even if, there’s no swine flu in your community, you must know how to prevent that kind.” This article, will teach you the basic steps on how to prevent the Swine Flu virus in a very simplest way.

First, washing our hands frequently using any germicidal soap with water can help us prevent with the spreading virus especially if we suspected someone. If you don’t have available germicidal soap in the area, you can use alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Either if you are using soap or hand sanitizer, you must follow this steps: connects your two palms facing each other, rub them horizontally, vertically then squeeze each other throughout your fingers. Do it for five to six times a day.

Secondly, you must cover your nose with a tissue paper before you deliver a cough and sneeze especially if you are talking to somebody else. Throw your tissue in the trash can after you use it, so that transfer of the virus coming from your respiratory will be avoided.

Third, if you are not feeling well avoid going out to your friends, playground, schools and offices, much better you have to stay in your house and quarantine yourself for three to four days.

Fourth, avoid hugging or kissing at any public occasions instead gesture your hands and smile at each other until the Swine Flu Outbreak diminish.

Fifth, if you suspected yourself of a possible flu-like virus, you better report to your nearest Health Officer in the community for proper diagnostic. (Note: if you suffered fever, sore throat and cough for more than two days, don’t hesitate to go to your Health Officer, its better to check as early as possible than to die early).

Sixth, there are a number of things that you can do in preparing yourself and those around you for a flu pandemic. It is important to think of it the challenges that you might face, particularly if a pandemic is severe.

Seventh, for assurance in planning for the impact of a Swine Flu virus on you, your family and your business, go to your Health Officer for more information about swine flu careers from individuals, families, and your workplace, and for information directed from schools, health care providers, community organizations and governments

Aside from your own Swine Flu prevention, there are some government agencies such as the Department of Health, Department of Education and the Department of National Defense to help us strengthen our immune system and detect a possible Swine Flu in our community. Planning and preparation can be lessened the effects of a pandemic if do it ahead of time.


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